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The perils of driving in Metro Manila

Driving in Manila is almost suicidal; many drive with a death wish. Just ask any law-abiding foreigner residing in the Philippines to confirm this. In the congested streets of Manila, super aggressive bus, jeepney and taxi drivers seem to have … Continue reading

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Pedestrian panic in Metro Manila

I really miss my acquired “pedestrian power” in Switzerland. Today, I ventured out of my comfort zone (read: my parents’ house in Las Pinas, a city south of Manila) for the first time, and hied off to Manila with my … Continue reading

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‘The Swiss Happy List’

A week from now, I’m scheduled to leave for Ukraine to do some volunteer work with Canadian and American teacher-missionaries. If plans don’t miscarry, I will teach English to pre-intermediate and intermediate adult students in a place where teaching resources … Continue reading

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Pedestrian power in Switzerland

In the concrete jungle of Metro Manila, one crosses the street at his/her own risk. Pedestrian crossings don’t really mean anything to impatient motorists who seem convinced, based on their recklessness, that they have the right of way almost always. … Continue reading

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