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The pre-death 1001 lists

Haven’t you noticed the current trend in book publishing these days? You know, the proliferation of book titles that start with 1,001? If you haven’t, then chances are, you’ve not been out and busy! Shame on you. You’ve not been … Continue reading

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When being too nice is no longer a virtue

When does being nice become an impediment in your relationship with others? The answer: When it already affects and stifles your self-growth. It’s not advisable to be too nice to people all the time, experts say. One should be mindful … Continue reading

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How many books do you really own?

Many years ago, I heard a library science professor speak about the real concept of book ownership during a book acquisition lecture. A voracious reader, he wanted to share with his students what it truly meant to ‘own a book.’ … Continue reading

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